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Dining on Campus

With over 20 campus locations, RIT Dining provides options to meet a variety of dining experiences: full-service dining halls for sit-down meals; quick service locations for grab-and-go; coffee shops with baked goods; full service concessions at entertainment venues; and markets and convenience stores for snacks, produce, everyday foods, and more. Meal plans offer flexibility so that students can utilize all of these options under one plan.

While choosing a plan, talk with your student about how meals will fit in with their course schedule. For example, if your student has block of classes and will not be able to make it to Gracie's for lunch most days, a plan with higher Dining Dollars will allow them to grab lunch near their classrooms. If your student plans to eat breakfast in their room each morning, the Tiger 19 plan budgets too many meals at Gracie’s and is probably not the right choice for them. Meal plans are renewed each semester, so remind your student to pay attention to the new class schedule while considering whether to keep the same plan or opt for a new one.

Visit RIT Dining to learn about dining options, restaurants on campus, and all other dining information, including:

Meal Plans
RIT Dining meal plans are designed to meet students’ diverse dining needs and eating preferences. RIT Dining has created plans specific to first year students, upperclass students, commuters, and students living in the RIT Inn and Greek Circle. Meal plans are comprised of meals, meal exchanges, and Dining Dollars and are not taxed.

Tiger Bucks
Tiger Bucks is a convenient debit account accessed through your student’s RIT ID card that is accepted at over 50 on- and off-campus locations. 

Allergen and Nutrition Information
NetNutrition provides information on allergens and dietary restrictions, as well as nutritional information for campus restaurants.

Dining Locations
View hours, location, and menus for all campus dining locations.

Parent Presentation
An overview of dining, presented by the Executive Director of Dining, Kory Samuels.