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Getting Around

RIT provides numerous options for students in regards to getting around campus and the community. Students are allowed to have cars on campus, but must purchase a parking permit, whether as a commuter or a residential student. Please note students residing in RIT Housing (other than the RIT Inn) must have a valid Residential Permit. Residential Permits are valid for the specific parking areas associated with their residence. These permits do not allow students to park on the academic side of campus on weekdays between 5 a.m.–5 p.m.

Many students will find that, with the many convenient and free options available, having a car is not necessary. Before your student opts to have a car on campus, suggest that they consider the reasons for needing a car (e.g., shopping, appointments) and alternative options (e.g., shuttles, zipcar, taxis, Uber/Lyft). You and your student might find using RIT transportation options is a better choice than the cost and maintenance of having a car on campus.

Parking and Transportation Services administers all parking and transportation services at RIT, and is a good resource for your student. On this site, you will find information about parking on campus, as well as transportation options. Here are some of the services for getting around campus, getting off campus, and getting home for breaks:

RIT Shuttle Services
The shuttle provides regular scheduled services to areas on and around campus, Park Point, The Province and The Apex as well as all RIT Housing.  Daily shuttles also connect with Regional Transit Services (Rochester’s public bus system) at the Henrietta RTS Hub. Schedules can be found on the above website and the RIT app. 

Zipcar is a service that allows members to use a car by the hour or day. Zipcars are available on campus to any students, faculty, or staff with an active membership.

Transportation to and from Rochester

There is Amtrak and Greyhound service in Rochester, as well as the Greater Rochester International Airport. Around school breaks, Student Government provides charter services (with a scheduled reservation) for students to get between campus and the airport, bus terminal and train station.

My Bus Home
My Bus Home arranges one-way and round-trip transportation for academic breaks to a variety of cities. For more information, schedules, and locations, your student can sign up at