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Safety Resources

Student safety is a top concern of parents, and something that RIT takes seriously. While RIT is seen as a very safe campus, the campus community needs to remain aware of safety concerns and available resources. Below you will find RIT-specific resources, but you should also remind your student about general safety tips: do not walk alone at night; do not carry valuables; lock your door; and pay attention to your surroundings. 

Public Safety
The Public Safety Department, which is staffed by 33 full-time, uniformed, registered New York State Public Safety officers, patrol campus seven days a week, 52 weeks a year and provide services dedicated to creating a safe community for the RIT campus. All Officers are trained in emergency medical procedures, CPR, automated external defibrillators, American Sign Language, and crisis intervention. Services include:

  • Escort service 585-475-2853
  • Blue-light courtesy call boxes
  • Crime prevention awareness programs and informational displays
  • Bicycle registration and engraving
  • Lost and found
  • Assistance with class projects
  • Motorist assists
  • Apartment lock-outs
  • Emergency notifications
  • Operation ID
  • Fire evacuations
  • Emergency first aid
  • Security surveys
  • Victim and Witness Assistance

Campus Emergency Notification
Campus emergency information will be relayed at the above link, as well as on the RIT website, RIT Facebook page, and RIT News Twitter.

RIT Alert
RIT Alert is used to immediately notify the campus community in significant emergency or dangerous situations involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty and staff occurring on or near campus. Students' cell phone numbers are automatically transferred into RIT Alert from the Student Information System (SIS).

Tiger Safe
Many parents and students are aware of the blue light phones located across college campuses. Tiger Safe is an app that allows students to bring that blue light alert with them wherever they are on campus. Along with this emergency button, students can use the Tiger Safe app to access Public Safety phone numbers, escort services, lock services, and more. 

Tigers Care
Tigers Care is a campus-wide effort to enhance, promote, and sustain a culture of caring and support at RIT. This program includes a resource list and tips for knowing the signs for when it is time to get help for yourself or a friend in need. 

Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT)
The SBCT coordinates RIT resources to address inappropriate, disruptive, or harmful student behavior in order to recomment collaborative and purposeful (and non-punitive) interventions aimed at helping studentsachieve success. Any member of the RIT community (faculty, staff, or students) can report concerns about a student through a Tiger Concern Report

RIT Ambulance
RIT Ambulance is a student-run Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organization. RIT Ambulance is dispatched by the Monroe County 911 Emergency Communications Department.  RIT Ambulance does not operate 24/7/365; another ambulance will be dispatched by Monroe County when RITA is not available.