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Timely Issues


Even though it’s well into the semester, spring feels like a time for new beginnings. Students may be looking for new involvement opportunities on campus or may get into a new relationship. With the end of the academic year on the horizon, relationships and new friendships can intensify quickly.

The increasingly nice weather will bring a sense of freedom. Between this and the comfort of campus, students may forget to be cautious with their belongings and around campus. Please remind your student to continue to be cautious to avoid the risk of theft and assault; lock residence hall and apartment doors, avoid walking alone at night, and be alert.

Student experiences:

  • Excitement over signs of spring; euphoria with any warm weather
  • The pace of social activities increases as weather improves
  • Sense of urgency about plans for summer
  • Registration for fall courses occurs
  • Anxiety over grades and final exams; for first-year students, the excuse of “first semester” is gone
  • For graduating students, either separation anxiety begins to arise or there’s a feeling that “I can’t wait to be done!” Some will start to disengage from campus and college life