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Timely Issues


Weather-wise, March can be an unpredictable month. Days of sunshine and warmth will send students outdoors to bask in any sunlight they can find. Extended days of snow and cold will cause frustration and depression.

It still feels like there is plenty of time left in the semester, so there is not a great urgency to get work done. Planning for spring break and a week off is a priority. But from now until the end of the semester, each week will get busier with classes, activities, planning for summer, and taking advantage of any signs of spring weather.

Students will be excited for a week off mid-month; especially those who have spring break travel plans. If your student is traveling over break, be sure to have discussions about finances and safety before they go.

Toward the end of the month, students will begin thinking—and worrying—about registration for fall semester. Students may be figuring out how to work a co-op into their schedule, and upperclassmen may be concerned if they have not yet found a co-op.

Student experiences:

  • Anxiety over mid-term results
  • Excitement about spring break plans
  • Disappointment among those who can’t afford to travel for spring break
  • For soon-to-be graduates, realization that this is the last spring break; last chances to be with friends
  • Discussion of plans for the summer as students plan for co-ops, summer jobs, or taking classes
  • Frustration over lingering snow and cold temperatures