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Timely Issues


The weather in Rochester begins to get cold and dark in November. Health is at risk as weather, anxieties, and late-night studying challenge students' immune systems. Flus and colds spread on campus. Parents can help by reminding students to take care of themselves (sleep is important, no matter how demanding college life can get).

At this point of the semester, it is not uncommon for students to say they want to transfer to a different university. While students may have genuine concerns about RIT, it is important for both parents and students to stay calm and give this consideration and time. As a parent, you can tell your students that you are open to discussions and will support exploration of this plan, but it is best to wait until the end of the term. Often by that point, students have settled in to RIT and abandon the idea of transferring.

In early November, students new to financial management may realize that their bank accounts are scraping bottom. Summer job savings may dwindle, and the reality of financial responsibility becomes clear. 

The trip home for Thanksgiving is an event to look forward to, but also a time when academic schedules are stressful. While at home, students may express concerns about how their coursework is going. This is also a time when students reconnect with friends from home and may realize what a difference a few months away can make. 

For some students and families, particularly those returning home for the first time since beginning college, Thanksgiving can raise issues about personal independences versus family responsibilities. There will have to be family conversations about expectations for meals, chores, curfews, use of the family car, and time spent with friends. Thanksgiving, as well as other trips home, is a reminder to many students that they are now guests in their family home, and the RIT community is becoming their "real" home. 

Students who don't go home for Thanksgiving are likely to undergo some lonliness, even if staying on campus was their choice. 

Student experiences:

  • A better understanding of where they stand academically
  • Resolution of roommate problems and apartment issues
  • Building pressure around coursework and other commitments 
  • Increasing support from and closeness to campus friendships
  • Excitement about going home for Thanksgiving
  • Intense coursework as Thanksgiving nears
  • Registration for spring courses occurs
  • Financial strain