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The Kilian J. and Caroline F. Schmitt Interfaith Center, located on the east end of the Student Alumni Union, is comprised of the Allen and Jones Chapel, two working sacristies, the lower level Skalny Room, kitchen, and washrooms. An ablution station for ritual washing is located in the northeast corner of the lower level.

Chaplain offices for staff of the Center for Religious Life are housed on the upper level in the Center office complex. Two other rooms on the mezzanine level within this complex, the Sun Room (approx. 6-8 ppl) and Resource Room (approx 4-5 ppl), are suitable for small group meetings or study groups.

Facilities of the Schmitt Interfaith Center are coordinated and reserved by the CRL Staff Assistant.

  • All events scheduled into IFC facilities must be RIT related.
  • IFC facilities and space are solely for the use of the RIT community and its recognized organizations.
  • Any members of the RIT community who wish to reserve the facilities for an event involving an outside organization or group must clearly inform the Staff Assistant of the purpose and nature of the event. After consultation with the Director of the Center for Religious Life, the request will be scheduled or denied.
  • Student use of chapel pianos is permitted only during those hours when the CRL Staff Assistant or student worker are present in the office complex. Use of the Allen Chapel organ by a trained musician is permitted only upon recommendation by the music professionals in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • For further information regarding facilities, please contact our Sr. Staff Assistant in the CRL office at 475-2135.
  • For reservation requests, please email rescpm@rit.edu with the facility you wish to reserve, the RIT business purpose, the number of attendees and the date and time needed.