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I'm a struggling student...

We understand that college is hard. Struggle is normal. You have many resources to help you cope and succeed. Religious and spirituality are among these resources. Our spiritual and religious lives help us develop a sense of equanimity and resilience. Spirituality & Religious Life supports this in many ways. First, it can help to get connected to an on-campus community, off-campus community, or online community. It helps to connect with others who face similar struggles.

We are here to listen. The chaplains in Spirituality & Religious Life are trained to listen, care, and counsel students going through all kinds of struggles. If you feel the need to talk to someone, even if you don't think your problem is particularly spiritual or religious, please stop by our office in the Schmitt Interfaith Center (1400), send us an email at, or call us at 585-475-5932 to be connected with a chaplain. It doesn't matter what your religion is (or if you even have one). All of our chaplains provide care to all of our students, regardless of spiritual, religious, or secular identity.

Our chaplains are confidential resources for sexual discrimination, harrassment, or assault ("Title IX"), which means they keep what you tell them confidential in a way other RIT staff cannot. Chaplains must report only under very limited circumstances, including 1) imminent threat of suicide or homicide or 2) abuse or neglect of a child or dependent adult. Outside of those very limited circumstances, chaplains maintain your confidentiality, including around concerns over sexuality. A chaplain will never call your parents unless you ask them to!

If you are struggling to practice your religion or spiritual tradition or if you need religious accomodations (i.e. days off from class, special food, etc.) but don't know how to ask, please drop by to see us in the Schmitt Interfaith Center, email, or call us at 585-475-5932. We can help you strategize the best ways to approach your RA, faculty, supervisor, or other campus staff to get what you need.

I'm a concerned parent...

The program for Parents & Families helps parents understand what to expect when their children go off to college and provides some helpful tips.

We are happy to talk to you in general about our resources or concerns you may have. Spirituality & Religious Life must abide by the same laws and policies for privacy as other RIT departments, so we cannot disclose any information about your specific student. 

I'm an RIT faculty or staff person...

Spirituality & Religious Life doesn't just support students. We support everyone! RIT faculty, staff, and families are within our circle of care.

If you would like to be connected to spiritual or religious resources on campus, please see our on-campus communities page. Our facilities are also available to host staff gatherings, such as Bible studies or twelve step meetings. We're happy to help you start new programs for faculty and staff.

If you just moved here to take a job at RIT and want to get connected to a local religious community, see our off-campus communities page.

If you need someone to talk to who can keep things confidential, please stop by our office in the Schmitt Interfaith Center (1400) or call us at 585-475-5932.

We also support celebrations and memorials for faculty and staff on campus. Please contact Rev. Monica Sanford, Assitant Director for Spirituality & Religious Life, if you'd like to organize such an event.

I want to learn more about different religions, spiritualities, or secular worldviews...

Here are some good links to start exploring: