Space Reservation

Are you interested in reserving space in the Residence Halls for your club or organization?

Please submit the form below one week prior to event date.

Conference Room Request Form

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Available Rooms

Gleason A055 - Smart Classroom, 15 tables, 35-40 chairs, projection equipment, DVD, max occupancy = 141 (w/out tables)

NRH 1250 - Smart Classroom, 14 tables, 30-35 chairs, projection equipment, DVD, max occupancy = 195 (w/out tables)

Sol Activity Room (Sol Heuman Hall 1016) - 16 tables, 30 chairs, 4 sofas, TV, kitchen, 2 white boards, max occupancy = 85

Ellingson TV Lounge (Ellingson Hall 1058) - 12 chairs, max occupancy = 15

Peterson Family Room (Peterson Hall A159) - 11 comfy chairs, 5 tables, 15 chairs, max occupancy = 15

Additional Spaces

  • Gleason Quad
  • NRH Quad
  • Sol Quad
  • Frisina Quad (Ellingson Hall)
  • Tabling Outside of the Corner Store
  • NRH Field
  • Colby Room & Kitchen – Colby 33-A132
  • Sundial

Event Confirmation

Once your event is scheduled you will receive a confirmation via email. Please note rooms are booked on a semester basis by the academic side.

All non-Center for Residence Life requests will be held for 3 weeks at the start of each semester to allow for Residence Life events to process first. All non-Center for Residence Life requests will be date and time stamped for processing priority.

Room Access

You will be able to access the building and room by swiping your RIT ID through the card reader at each door. Please ensure you’re swiping your card as shown on the reader.

(Note: Access is given to the individual whose name you’ve provided. Will this be the individual opening the door for your event? If not, you are responsible to supply the name & UID # of the individual who will be opening the requested conference room door on the date and time of your event. Equipment (Gleason A055/NRH 1250) - Please follow the directions at the right side of the podium. Technical assistance is available Mon-Thurs – 7:30am-10pm; Friday – 7:30am-5pm and Saturday – 11am-5pm through TLS at 475-2551.


Please make certain the room is left in good/clean condition and furniture is arranged as was originally positioned; failure to do so may result in the ban of future use of the residence hall conference rooms and/or a cleaning fee*. There is a map available in each room that shows how the room’s layout must look.