About the RIT Residence Halls Association

The RIT Residence Halls Association, commonly known as the RHA, is one of the many Major Student Organizations (MSO) on campus, located in the tunnels between Grace Watson and Gleason Hall. We provide events and services throughout the year for students living in the residence halls and serve as a voice for those students when working with Student Government and the RIT administration (if you live in the residence halls and have feedback for either of those groups, feel free to stop in and let us know). We also support the various Special Interest Houses on campus and manage the murals throughout the tunnels.

Aside from hosting various events throughout the semester, including our monthly BBQs, we also provide DVD rentals that allows students living in the residence halls to rent up to three DVDs for three days. Students can also stop by during our office hours to watch a movie selected by one of our staff members. Don’t forget to grab some free candy!