• The program was designed with a particular focus on meeting the needs of RIT students who identify on the autism spectrum.    
  • Students interested in working with the Spectrum Support Program (SSP) must meet all the academic requirements of admittance to RIT and plan to matriculate into an undergraduate bachelor’s degree program at RIT.  
  • Students wishing to be considered for program support must indicate their interest by submitting a Request for Enrollment and going through the SSP application process.  Enrollment in SSP is limited.  Therefore, some students who request program support will not receive an offer to enroll.  
  • Application for admittance to RIT and application to Spectrum Support Program are seperate and distinct processes.  Admittance to RIT does not guarentee a student will be eligible for enrollment in the SSP.  SSP staff will determine each students' eligibility for program enrollment based on space and fit.  Due to the limited space in the program, some eligible students may not be offered enrollment in SSP.