The Spectrum Support Program is equipped to serve a finite number of students each academic year.  In order to continue the focus on quality support services, beginning in fall 2020, program enrollment will be limited.  Students who are applying to RIT and interested in initial enrollment in the services provided by SSP, will put in a Request for Enrollment and submit an SSP Application.  Please see SSP Eligibility, Support Options and Application Process for more information.  

Please note that application for admittance to RIT and application to Spectrum Support Program are seperate and distinct processes.  Admittance to RIT does not guarentee a student will be eligible for enrollment in the SSP.  SSP staff will determine each students' eligibility for program enrollment based on space and fit.  Due to the limited space in the program, some eligible students may not be offered program enrollment.  


Incoming program enrolled students are paired with a trained Coach who provides weekly transitional support as students navigate their first year at RIT.  Coaches work with students to support the development of skills and confidence in advocating with professors, negotiating the residential experience, utilizing RIT resources, engaging with extracurricular clubs and events, navigating new and challenging situations, as well as building skills and exploring strategies related to organizing and prioritizing academic tasks, utilizing academic resources, and working toward academic and social goals.  Coaches provide individualized coaching to continuing students (2nd year and beyond) for ongoing guidance toward academic, social and career related goals.  During regular business hours, SSP staff are available to program enrolled students for drop-in coaching and support.

Cross Campus Collaboration and Referral

SSP staff work with program enrolled students and cross campus partners to facilitate the connection to appropriate resources, make targeted referrals, and provide follow-up support.  Cross campus partners include:  Academic Advising; Residence Life; Disability Services Office; Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services; Academic Success Center; Counseling and Psychological Services.....and more

Customized Seminar Courses

Unique seminar courses are taught in collaboration wtih the Career Services Office and deliver critical skill development and support for SSP participants, primarily focused navigating the job search process in order to meet cooperative education requirements and transition to employment experiences. 

Fall 2019:  Career Fair Preparation 

Spring 2020:  Career Success Lab 

Sponsored Social Events

Program participants are invited to attend organized events sponsored by the Spectrum Support Program.  Past events include weekly Community Meet-Up, Friday dinner meet-ups and game nights.

Early Move-In and Specialized Programming  for Freshman

Incoming students qualify for early move-in (the Monday prior to standard freshman move-in) and specialized programming in the days before as well as during New Student Orientation.  

Neurodiverse Hiring Initiative (NHI)

NHI was developed to strengthen the graduation and employment outcomes of neurodivergent by connecting them with employers who are seeking to diversify their workforce.