Spectrum Support Program Services Update (COVID-19):

SSP coaching for the fall 2020 term will primarily be done in a remote format via Zoom with limited in-person meetings. Students who would like to request support from SSP can do so via Calendly.

For the most up-to-date information from RIT, visit the RIT Ready website.

Support Levels and Associated Fees  (updated December 2019)*

SSP staff are charged with determining eligibility for services and recommending a support level based on an assessment of student needs.  

LEVEL 1 –  Comprehensive Transitional Support 

COST:  $2200 per academic term 

  • Students are paired with a trained Coach who provides holistic support as students navigate their first year at RIT. Coaches work with students to support the development of skills and confidence in advocating with professors, negotiating the residential experience, utilizing RIT resources, engaging with extracurricular clubs and events, navigating new and challenging situations, as well as building skills and exploring strategies related to organizing and prioritizing academic tasks and utilizing academic resources.

  • Fall starters are eligible for Early Move-In on the Monday prior to standard Freshman Move-in and specialized programming prior to and during New Student Orientation week, including game nights, group meals, fall schedule walk-through, and a fall semester kick-off event.

  • Typically, incoming 1st year and transfer students will be enrolled at level 1


LEVEL 2 – Coaching, Cross-Campus Coordination, and Referral

COST:   $1600 per academic term 

  • Students are paired with a trained Coach who provides individualized support as students continue to work toward social, academic and professional goals.  SSP staff work with students and campus partners to facilitate their connection to appropriate resources. Cross campus partners include: Academic Advising; Residence Life; Disability Services Office; Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services; Academic Success Center; Counseling and Psychological Services, and more

  • Customized seminar courses in collaboration with the Career Services Office deliver critical skill development and support for SSP participants, primarily focused navigating the job search process in order to meet cooperative education requirements and transition to employment experiences 

  • Typically, 2nd-year RIT students will qualify to enroll at level 2


LEVEL 3 –  Regular Check-in and Referral 

COST:  $1150 per academic term 

  • Students are paired with a trained Coach who provides ongoing guidance as students progress toward graduation and professional employment

  • Typically, 3rd-year RIT students or above will qualify to enroll at level 3


*Program fees are reviewed by the university annually and RIT reserves the right to change its price and pricing policies without prior notice.    
**Program Enrollment is done annually but billed to the student account at the beginning of each academic term. Program fees are non-refundable. In the case of a voluntary or involuntary leave or withdrawal from RIT, a refund may be made in accordance with Institute policy.**
*** If you have been accepted to SSP and have financial concerns that would preclude program services, please visit Financial Support or email ssp@rit.edu to request information about possible financial assistance options.