“If you email any SSP staff that you need immediate help, it is amazing they are there for you in the same day or next and if not they ask someone else to reach out to you!  Makes being a part of the SSP program feel like there really is a team out there for you making sure you are successful.”

“My SSP coach was very friendly and I felt she understood many situations I brought up because she was young and is also a current RIT student.  I think the more relevant a coach or teacher is to the student, the higher quality and satisfying the feedback is.”

"It is nice to have someone to meet up with, my coach helped me know where to go to get help when I needed it".

"I would recommend that incoming students work with a coach so they can have a connection and resource on campus".

"My coach helped me with finding campus resources. It was helpful to have someone to talk to who understands my point of view".


“I loved this program (Gearing Up For Success, Pre-orientation program) and felt that it helped my student transition to college life much easier.  I also liked the way the program built familiarity with SSP staff and also familiarity with the campus and campus life. Excellent program!”

"My son has made a successful transition to college because of the extras that the SSP program has been able to provide. I am grateful for the patience and support this department has been able to provide to him and by extension to me, thank you!"

"The weekly meetings [with SSP] are crucial as they keep my son focused and on track with assignments. They afford him the opportunity to check in with someone, get help with planning and breaking down assignments, and things he can do to help manage his time efficiently".

"SSP helped put us at ease and helped our son transition to college and living independently. It helps him with time management and our son knows he has someone and somewhere to go if a problem arises".

"Having [the Spectrum Support Program] has given us a higher level of comfort about RIT. We believe it has played an important role in [our son’s] adapting to college life. This is a journey, and we see hopeful signs of progress along the way".