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Division of Student Affairs Strategic Planning



The introduction of a revised RIT Strategic Plan in 2018 presented the Division of Student Affairs with a unique opportunity to reflect on the current internal and external environment with the intent to set future priorities, refocus our effort and resources, and strengthen operations around common goals.  This process led to a revision of the duration of our current strategic plan to span through July 2019 instead of 2020. 

The already completed investigative work has led to the identification of initiatives that will continue through the 2018-19 academic year, with a plan to weave them into functional operations beyond July 2019.


Ongoing work for the 2018-19 academic year will focus on the following key initiatives:

Professional Competencies

The Division of Student Affairs will continue to support progress toward an operationalized student staff model focusing on the development and articulation of professional competencies. Students who have developed these professional competencies are better equipped for success during their time at RIT and beyond.
Sponsor – Nicole Boulais
Initiative Co-Chairs – Kerry Foxx and Shawna Lusk


RIT 365

RIT 365 is the springboard for students to begin to build the foundation they need to become this successful graduate. By leveraging RIT’s existing infrastructure and resources (people, programs, tools), RIT 365 seeks to frame a year-long experience in which students create connections as they immerse themselves into the RIT community. Using the principles of experiential learning to enhance self-awareness, students begin the process of charting their path to becoming Tigers for Life.
Sponsor – Heath Boice-Pardee
Initiative Chair – Stacy Nation-Knapper


Resiliency Campaign

Students with the ability to recognize, face, and manage challenges are more resilient and better equipped to navigate today’s changing world. RIT believes that the capacity to enhance student resilience begins with an aware campus community. A successful campaign highlighting international students with stories of resiliency was completed during the 2017-18 academic year. This year, the campaign will highlight stories of resilience in Intercollegiate Athletics.
Sponsor – Wendy Gelbard
Initiative Co-chairs – Sue Joseph and Melissa Wilson


Student Affairs Future Strategic Planning

NASPA Review: The Division of Student Affairs is participating in a division-level review with NASPA Advisory Services. The purpose of this review is to offer an external perspective on the student affairs division as a whole in order to help strengthen its functionality and effectiveness within RIT’s unique mission and culture. The recommendations and feedback received through the NASPA Review process will provide a foundation for future strategic planning efforts.
Strategic Planning Framework:  A framework and strategic planning process will support the identification, development, implementation, and assessment of future strategic planning initiatives. 

Sponsor – Sandy Johnson
Initiative Chair – Jodi Boita