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Student Affairs Student Employee Evaluation

The hundreds of student employees who work in the Division are integral to our day-to-day work. Whether these employees are doing general administrative work, supporting the development and maintenance of safe and supportive environments, serving as ambassadors for individual units or programs, or taking leadership of programs, projects, and initiatives within our units, their impact on and importance to our day-to-day work cannot be over-emphasized. Their work is vital to our success!

Given the sheer number of students who work in the Division, their breadth of responsibilities and its centrality to our work, as well as the University’s broader goal of graduating students who are able to successfully navigate post-college life generally – including the world of work, we are positioned well to engage student employees in meaningful learning and professional development that’s designed to prepare them for the future! This work is so important at this time because of what we know about our students:

We know that students:

  1. Recognize that they need broad knowledge and skills beyond those of a specific field or major for long-term career success;
  2. Actively seek out opportunities to learn and develop these skillsets and believe that all college students should have educational experience that teach them these skills;
  3. Are more likely than employers to think colleges are doing a good job of ensuring graduates gain the skills and knowledge needed for success; and,
  4. Overestimate their mastery of professional competencies like critical thinking, communication, and collaboration relative to employers;

Source: Hart Research Associates. (2015). Optimistic about the future, but how well prepared? College students’ view on college learning and career success.

We believe that regular and intentional employee evaluations - that align with professional competencies and include a self-reflective component as well as a 1:1 conversation with a supervisor - is a wonderful way to begin this development work with student employees because (1) it’s a natural evolution of the work we’re already doing with them, (2) it’s contextual in that the feedback provided during an evaluation is situated in their work experience, and (3) regular evaluations will undoubtedly be part of their post-college work experience.

Below are several templates that units can utilize when evaluating student employees. The templates can largely be used as-is but they can also be edited as needed.

Template 1 - No Pre-Assessment Required
Template 1

The first template contains a student reflection section that can be utilized during the interview - no need for pre-assessment, as all information can be captured in the form of an in-person discussion. 
*Please note that there is a drop-down list for the evaluator rating, please click to see the drop-down menu options. 

Template 2 - Full Curriculum and Rubric 
Template 2 - Part 1
Template 2 - Part 2

The second example consists of a full curriculum and rubric. This type of evaluation allows the employer to integrate learning outcomes and curriculum into the assessment. The rubric does require pre-assessment to be completed by the student. It is recommended that the student complete the rubric prior to the evaluation meeting for comparison. 

Template 3 - Self-Appraisal and Employer Appraisal Rubric
Template 3

The third and final rubric example contains a basic self-appraisal and employer appraisal rubric template. Like the second rubric, the student will complete the self-appraisal prior to the meeting and bring it to the meeting for comparison and discussion.