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Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT)

Our Mission

The Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT) coordinates the resources of RIT to review and address inappropriate, disruptive, and/or harmful student behavior in order to recommend collaborative and purposeful (non-punitive) interventions aimed at helping students achieve success.  In addition, the SBCT assists faculty and staff in addressing instances of student behavior which may be inappropriate, harmful, or disruptive for the RIT living and learning community.

Other responsibilities of SBCT include making recommendations to the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs regarding students who may need to leave RIT via the RIT Leave of Absence Policy, outreaching to students during student-related crises, and providing educational programming to faculty, staff and students at RIT regarding on campus resources and potential off campus referrals.

Any member of the RIT community (faculty, staff or students) can use the SBCT if there are concerns about a student.


When students are referred to SBCT, possible results may include (but are not limited to):

  • Residence Life Outreach
  • Referral to the RIT Counseling Center
  • Referral to RIT Case Manager
  • Outreach meeting with the Chair of SBCT
  • SBCT-supported Behavioral Agreement
  • Parental/Guardian Contact
  • Referral to the Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
  • SBCT supported Leave of Absence
  • Withdrawal from RIT
  • SBCT mandated (Involuntary) Leave of Absence
  • Student Affairs Hold
  • Referral to off-campus support services



The SBCT is comprised of the following core members:

Nicole Boulais, PhD
   Co-Chair, Associate Vice President
Wendy Gelbard MD, FACEP 
   Co-Chair, Associate Vice President
Kiersten Blankley, MSW 
   Director of Student & Academic Services, NTID
Maureen Glegg
   Team Administrator
Megan Jaros, MS LMFT
   Case Manager
   Center for Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution
Sharon Kompalla-Porter
   Associate Director-Support and Success, Center for Residence Life
Lynne Mazadoorian
   Director, University Advising Office
Gary Moxley
   Director, Public Safety
David Reetz, PhD 
   Director, Counseling and Psychological Services


coordinate the resources of RIT to address inappropriate, disruptive, or harmful student behavior