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Our Purpose

Mission Statement

In order to promote community standards the Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution designs and delivers a fair and educationally-based behavioral conduct process as well as policy education and training to the RIT community.  We accomplish this by emphasizing accountability, emotional growth, conflict resolution, restorative values and campus safety.

Why We Do What We Do

A conduct process can be utilized to uphold community standards by holding students accountable. It can also provide campus and individual safety. Any institution receiving state or federal aid needs to comply with local, state, and federal laws. Student growth and development is a major factor behind having a conduct process. The first and most common misunderstanding for students is that a conduct hearing is like a criminal trial: you will be found guilty or not guilty, you will be punished, and it is nothing to be excited about. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The underlying philosophy of student conduct should always be education, not punishment. Our two goals are to help the individual develop and learn from the experience and to protect the campus.

Other Things We Do For Our RIT Community

  • Training presentations for campus community (ie. Orientation / SVP presentations, RIT 365)
  • Share conduct history for background checks from Student's job applications with approval
  • Share reports to students for insurance purposes
  • Admission provisional checks as needed