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Audio/Video Recording

After you receive a charge letter, you can request that your hearing be video-recorded by emailing

All conduct hearings with Student Conduct Officers are audio recorded. The participants in the conduct hearing will be informed upon entry into the hearing location of the recording. Hearings can be video recorded upon request. A request for video recording must be made in writing twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled hearing.  Video recording requests made with less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice may be denied at the discretion of the Student Conduct Officer. All participants in the conduct hearing will give their consent to video recording. Any participant in the conduct hearing that chooses to not be video recorded will be audio recorded only. Recordings (both audio and video) will be retained in accordance with the RIT Records Management Policy (See C22.0  The recording of the conduct hearing is a university business record and the property of the university. The Accused, or where appropriate the Complainant, may request access to the recording by submitting a written request to the Center for Student Conduct after an appeal is submitted to the Student Conduct Appeals Coordinator and prior to the Appeals Hearing.