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Student Rights

All Students can expect the Student Code to be administered in a caring, sensitive and supportive manner, and to be treated with dignity and respect by all persons involved in the conduct process. The Student Code will allow Complainants to utilize the Student conduct process unimpeded, free from intimidation and harassment, while maintaining the rights of the Accused. All Students have the following rights:

  1. As citizens of the community at large, including but not limited to:
    1. The right to be free in their persons, living quarters, papers, and effects against unwarranted searches and seizures;
    2. The right to remain silent and to be provided with basic due process in disciplinary proceedings;
    3. The right to privacy (in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regarding access to and disclosure of Student records; and
    4. The right to freedom of association.
  2. Freedom of inquiry, and expression, along with the right to participate in university governance and to maintain a Student press free from censorship.
  3. To be informed of any risks involved in acting as human subjects for research activities conducted through RIT.
  4. To receive information pertaining to the Student Code and appropriate referrals for information on the criminal process, where applicable.
  5. To receive access to and information pertaining to available counseling assistance.
  6. To receive access to assistance throughout the Student conduct process, including the ability to utilize the RIT Advocacy Program.
  7. To have access to all information presented during any hearing held in accordance with the provisions of the Student Code, including information and testimony from witnesses.
  8. To be informed, in writing, of the results of any hearing held in accordance with the provisions of the Student Code.


Copy of report

After receiving a charge letter, you can request a copy of the report by completing this form. Students who are alleged of a violation have the right to request a copy of the report. Requesting a report can be done through the request form found in the letter from our office.  Check your RIT email regularly for the electronic delivery. If you have any questions contact our office at


After receiving a charge letter, you can request witnesses for your hearing by completing this form. RIT allows students to bring witnesses with relevant information regarding the incident to conduct hearings. “Character witnesses” are not allowed. Please note that all witnesses to an incident are generally interviewed thoroughly by Public Safety before the report is delivered to the Center for Residence Life.