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Student Information

If you or your organization has been charged with a Conduct violation, we want to make the process easy to understand so you can prepare as best you can. Here are some resources to help you through the process. For more specific information on the Student Conduct process or Appeal process, please visit the Conduct Hearings and Appeals page.

Before a Hearing

    ♦ Notification process
    ♦ Pre-hearing meeting option. (Plus: see a video of a real hearing process)
    ♦ Advocates and Advisors of Choice
    ♦ Hearing procedures
    ♦ Possible outcomes 

Helpful Resources as You Prepare

    ♦ Policies - RIT Code of Conduct
    ♦ Definitions of conduct terms
    ♦ Student rights
    ♦ Audio/video recording of your hearing

After Your Hearing

    ♦ Appeals
    ♦ Seminars and other assignments