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The Academic Support Center's (ASC) programs and services provide students with the individual and group opportunities needed to become successful, active learners. The mission of the ASC is to assist and empower students to achieve academic success.

Academic Support Center

The ASC offers the following programs and services:

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a free service that introduces students to more effective learning and study strategies. Students work 1:1 with a Student Support Specialist or a peer to enhance time management and study habits as well as learn of important resources on campus. 

Academic Success Workshops

Workshops are available to groups of students upon request.  Workshops focus on topics such as time management, study skills, lecture note-taking, text reading, and test preparation.

Reading Support

The ASC has a professional Reading Specialist who works with students to develop effective ways to manage different types of reading demands including comprehenstion.

Math and Physics Support

Drop-in tutoring services are offered in the Bates Study Center (located in Gosnell Hall) during the day and in Sol Heumann Study Center (located in Sol Heumann Hall) and the Global Village Study Center in the evenings and on Sundays. Math support is also provided through individualized assessment appointments and two course offerings:

Critical Math Skills: ACSC-072
Critical Statistic Skills: ACSC-074


Empower is a fee-based service offered through the ASC to all RIT students.  Students who choose to enroll in this service will work with a mentor either once or twice a week to set goals and build skills to overcome academic and social challenges.  The goal of Empower is to encourage academic success through engagement in opportunities that build academic independence.

Supplemental Instruction

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program is designed to proactively support students enrolled in supported sections of traditionally challenging courses. SI sessions are offered twice weekly to help students increase their understanding of the course material while learning applied study skills from a peer leader who has successfully completed the course.

Tutoring and Tutor Training

The ASC tutoring service provides a peer tutor training program for students interested in becoming a tutor, as well as an online clearinghouse of tutoring available at RIT.

ASC Course Offerings

The ASC offers courses to provide students with the opportunity to gain and improve their abilities in the areas of study skills and time management as well as motivation, attitude, and regulatory skills related to academic success.  The courses include:

  • Applied Study Strategies: ACSC-061
  • Insights on Success: ACSC-062
  • Study Lab: ACSC-063 (prerequisite required)