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Getting Started

RIT's Internet & Technology Services (ITS) assists with all computer and email related requests. If you're just getting started at RIT, ITS can help with services such as:

  • Using
  • Setting up your computer account
  • Setting up your email
  • Using Google Apps at RIT
  • Downloading Software 
  • Connecting Game Consoles & Devices

Digital Self Defense

As an RIT student, you have access to high bandwidth internet connections. Use our resources to learn how to use the Internet safely and protect yourself and others from online threats. The threats include attacks against software vulnerabilities and configuration errors, malicious software/malware, and social engineering (phishing and other scams). You must also be alert for physical theft of your property and should continually check the RIT Information Security website for updates and information. 

RIT Email

RIT provides an email address and account for all students. Your email account is created when you receive an RIT computer account. 

Visit the ITS Email General Information page for information about setting up your email address, mail forwarding, RIT Message Center, and creating alumni accounts. 

Wireless Network

ITS operates over 3,500 access points across campus. Visit the Wireless Network Information page for more information about accessing, and connecting to wireless networks, as well as troubleshooting. 

ITS Residential Networking (RESNET)

ITS RESNET provides technical support for your personal computers.  ResNet offers a wide range of services from basic machine tune-up and virus scans to file recovery and hardware replacement. Our friendly Residential Computing Consultants are on hand to assist you in troubleshooting and resolving a wide variety of computer issues. Is your personal computer in need of repair? Do you have a technology question or want to know what upgrades are right for you? Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or stop by during our convenient office hours, no appointment necessary. We look forward to assisting you with your technology needs!