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RIT is committed to a safe and secure learning and working environment. The university takes many proactive measures to maintain a high level of security on-campus and uses a layered approach to notify the campus community about emergency situations.

Blue Light Call Boxes

Highly visible blue light call boxes are located campus-wide and are not just for reporting emergencies. If you need a vehicle jumpstart, vehicle lockout assistance, or an escort to your car or housing, press the large red button and your call will automatically be connected to the Public Safety dispatcher. After the button is pushed a small red light will appear which means your call is being dialed to Public Safety. The light turns green when your call is answered by the dispatcher. The dispatcher knows your exact location and if you cannot communicate for any reason, an officer will immediately respond to assist you.

Blue Light Locations


TigerSafe is a mobile app developed by RIT students for emergency situations. It's essentially an emergency button or campus "blue light" in your pocket. TigerSafe provides immediate and clear access to the most important phone numbers on campus.  Additionally, it offers our deaf, hard-of-hearing, and SMS preferring users another option to communicate with Public Safety.  The app is free to the RIT community and available for both iOS and Android

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RIT Alert

RIT Alert allows the university to contact the community in the event of an emergency by sending messages via instant message, text message to cell phones, voice message (mobile or land-line), and email. 

RIT Alert is used to immediately notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty and staff occurring on or near campus. You can also add parents or other contacts to the system also receive alerts in the event of an emergency.

Always be sure that your personal contact information is up to date in the RIT Alert system. 


Emergency Numbers

RIT Hotline (for closing information): 585-475-7075 / 7076 TTY
On Campus: RIT Public Safety 585-475-3333 (V/TTY) or text 585-205-8333
Off Campus: Call or text to 9-1-1

Other Emergency Numbers

University News Services: 585-475-5064
Counseling Center: 585-475-2261 / 6897 TTY
Student Health Center: 585-475-2255 / 5515 TTY
Women’s Center: 585-475-7464
Campus Advocacy, Response and Support Program (CARES) - crisis response program for victims of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking (available 24 hours a day/seven days a week): 585-295-3533