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The Student Health Center offers some on-site lab tests such as:

  • Rapid strep test
  • Rapid mono test
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • Blood sugar
  • Hemoglobin

The student has the option to self-pay or have the lab fee billed to his/her insurance company.

Students whose medical provider outside the Students Health Center orders a lab test can have samples (blood, urine, etc.) collected at the Student Health Center and sent to an outside lab. 


  • Obtain a written request from the medical provider specifying the test name(s) and including the relevant diagnosis code(s).
  • Bring the request to the Student Health Center or have the provider fax it to us at 585-475-7788.
  • Make an appointment to review the requested test(s) with a Student Health Center clinician and have the sample collected.
  • Sign a Release of Information Form to allow the Student Health Center to forward the results to the ordering clinician.
  • The Student Health Center clinician will notify the student and the clinician of the test results when they are available.

During the time of the visit, the medical provider will let the student know approximately when results should be available.

The Student Health Center does not send confidential medical information (such as test results) via regular e-mail. Test results are communicated to students by:

  • Follow-up appointment to review results in person.
  • Telephone
  • Secure message using the Wellness Portal. Students will receive a regular RIT e-mail with a notice of a secure message and information detailing how to access the portal.