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The SHC staff includes a psychiatrist. The primary role of the psychiatrist is to evaluate students, recommend treatment, and prescribe and monitor psychiatric medications. Psychiatric care is provided in collaboration with SHC medical clinicians, Counseling Center staff, and the student's primary mental health provider at home, if applicable.

Students must be referred to the psychiatrist by a SHC clinician or Counseling Center staff member. A prescheduled appointment is required. In emergency situations, students may be referred to a local hospital for initial evaluation and stabilization. For students who require long term, on-going mental health care, the psychiatrist may assist students with a referral to a psychiatric provider in the community.

SHC clinicians, including the psychiatrist, do not perform diagnostic evaluations for ADD/ADHD. Students may be referred to a community specialist for evaluation and diagnosis, if appropriate. Students who have been previously diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and are currently taking prescription medication may obtain refills from a SHC clinician while at school if:

  • The student is under ongoing care
  • A letter summarizing the student's history of treatment and current medication name and dose is received
  • The letter is renewed annually

The student must make an appointment with a SHC clinician to review the information and obtain the prescription.