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Financial Wellness

Financial Health- Overview

Our Mission

RIT Health Promotion’s mission is to support student success and promote a campus culture that encourages healthy lifestyles through collaborative education, programming, and support services. Health Promotion is a cluster of programs and services focused on supporting student success by enhancing the overall health and wellness of RIT’s student body. The dimensions of overall health and wellness addressed are comprehensive and divided amongst various teams.   Cross-divisional wellness teams were established to work on specific aspects of the Wellness Initiative. The teams address gaps, recommend, plan, create, initiate, and work toward collaborative education, experiences, and services for students.  Staff, faculty, and students serve on the Wellness Teams.

The Financial Health team is comprised of faculty, staff and community members who volunteer their time outside of their regular job responsibilities to ensure that you have the knowledge, confidence, and skill set to understand and manage your particular financial circumstances - now and in the future.  Our goal is to raise your awareness of the connection between financial management decisions, your overall health, and student success.  Additionally, we promote financial literacy through a variety of learning opportunities to aid in your financial skill development, assist you in avoiding financial pitfalls, and foster your resiliency to manage setbacks when they occur.

The University has developed many resources to support you in attaining your degree. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships should be the first stop for any student needing help paying for college. The Financial Health team, along with a variety of other campus resources, are available to you to aid in your financial wellness and success at RIT.  Ask for help - we want you to achieve your degree goal(s).

Committee Members

Chair Sharon Kompalla-Porter – Associate Director, Center for Residence Life
Team Members

Rachel Flaherty, Director of Veterans Upward Bound

Tarra DeFelice, Area Director, Center for Residence Life

Stephanie Bauschard, Associate Director, University Advising

Mary Beth Nally, Executive Director, Student Financial Services

Kathleen Cole, Senior Associate Director, Student Financial  Services

Stacy Nation-Knapper, Director, Year One Programs

Jeffrey Butler, Associate Internal Auditor, Institute Audit, Compliance & Advisement

Kellie Swartwout, Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Marty Jacobson, Relationship Manager, Advantage Federal Credit  Union

Quincey Ornellas, Regional Leader, Primerica