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Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health contributes to success in college. Mental health and emotional wellness are important components of your overall wellness. This involves:

  • Being able to manage your feelings and your behaviors
  • Having the ability to cope effectively with stress
  • Having the ability to have satisfying relationships with others based on mutual respect and trust.

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As a college student you may face many changes and challenges that can be very stressful. You may experience problems with your roommates, pursue a demanding class load and face tough competition from classmates. Another stressful situation involves decision-making. Whether you are choosing your classes or your career, your available options may be confusing. Other common stressful situations include relationship problems, conflict with parents, and self-esteem and identity issues.

It is important to remember the key fact that things change. If you are unhappy with your life as a college student, don't give up. Many changes are under your control and the ability to adapt to change provides a great opportunity to learn skills for coping with stress.

Taking advantage of the cooperation and resources that can be found on campus is also another factor in controlling stress. There are offices to assist you with the academic, financial, and personal concerns common to college students. Although you may feel isolated sometimes, you do not have to feel alone.

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Effective stress management includes healthy diet and exercise habits. Exercising gives you a break from the mental and emotional strain that you experience while helping to reduce physical tension. It will also increase your stamina and your overall physical well-being. In addition minimize such behaviors as overeating, excessive drinking, smoking, or using mood altering drugs -- all of which are detrimental to your health. Also, don't overwork yourself; all work and no play can cause you to feel stressed out, irritable and less motivated to study. Schedule time for rest, social activities, recreation and relaxation. With good health habits and effective techniques for coping with stress, your mental health and emotional wellness will be improved.