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Wellness Teams

Ten (10) Wellness Teams provide content specific programs to RIT students. The teams - made up of cross-divisional staff, students, and faculty - meet throughout the academic year to identify, develop, and implement wellness focused programs that supplement student's education and experiences.

The current teams are:

  • Wellness Team: Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Wellness Team: Disease Prevention
  • Wellness Team: Emotional Health
  • Wellness Team: Financial Health
  • Wellness Team: Physical Health and Nutrition
  • Wellness Team: Self-Care
  • Wellness Team: Sex and Healthy Relationships
  • Wellness Team: Sexual Violence and Discrimination Prevention
  • Wellness Team: Spirituality
  • Wellness Team: Sustainability


For general information about Wellness Teams, email:


Team specifics (2018-2019 academic year):

Alcohol and Other Drugs: Co-Chairs- Sara Engel & Dave Graupman
Meeting time: Tuesdays, bi-weekly, 1pm-2pm

Disease Prevention:  Co-Chairs- Becky Wilson & Cheryl Augustyn
Meeting time: Thursdays, bi-weekly, 10am-11am

Emotional Health: Co-Chairs- Kristina Walker & Samantha (Sam) Jeffries
Meeting time: Mondays, bi-weekly, 11am-12pm

Financial Health: Chair- Sharon Kompalla-Porter
Meeting time: Tuesdays, bi-weekly starting 9/11/18, 3pm-4pm

Physical Health and Nutrition: Co-Chairs: Dana Godfrey & Kelly Read
Meeting time: Last Wednesday of every month, 2pm-3pm

Self-Care: Chair- Don Bigelow
Meeting time: 1st Monday of the month, 2pm-3pm

Sex and Healthy Relationships: Co-Chairs- Betty Vickery & Kelly Kamish
Meeting time: Tuesdays, bi-weekly, 9am-10am

Sexual Violence and Discrimination Prevention: Co-Chairs- Stacy DeRooy & Darci Williams
Meeting time: Tuesdays, bi-weekly, 10am-11am

Spirituality: Chair- Monica Sanford
Meeting time: Thursdays, bi-weekly, 1pm-2pm

Sustainability: Co-Chairs- Tom Connelly & Harshita Sood
Meeting time: Tuesdays, bi-weekly, 10am-11am