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Wellness Teams

Cross-divisional wellness teams are established to work on specific programming aspects of the Wellness Initiative. The teams plan, create, initiate, and work toward collaborative wellness education and experiences for students. Faculty, staff, and students are welcome members of Wellness Teams.

The teams are:

Descriptions of the teams:

Emotional Wellness: Co-Chairs- Tim Keady & Kristina Walker
This team addresses strategies to support the emotional resiliency of our students.  

Environmental:  Co-Chairs- Tom Connelly & Amanda Metzger
The Environmental Wellness Team addresses an individual’s relationship with the environment as a factor in one’s overall wellness.
Call for Experts: More Information here.

Financial Literacy: Co-Chairs- Sharon Kompalla & Rachel Flaherty
We want to ensure that students have the knowledge, confidence, and skill set to understand and manage their particular financial circumstances- now and in the future.  Possible avenues for providing this might include non-credit courses, coaching and mentoring programs, clubs, technology-based education, etc.  This team considers innovative strategies to address financial skill development.

Fitness: Co-Chairs: Michelle Schrouder & Adam Griffith
This team focuses on expanding the knowledge base of students regarding fitness- and focusing especially on those students who may not already be actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  This team focuses on strategies for impacting a positive culture of wellness and physical activity on campus.  

Nutrition: Co-Chairs: Tim Keady & Mary Ann McQuay
This team is charged with creating strategies for engaging students in healthy eating. 

Physical Wellness Team: Co-Chairs- Henry Hinesley & TBA
This team is focusing on education and access: Health promotion and health maintenance, illness and injury prevention, access to facilities (bathrooms, locker rooms) for all students.

Sexual Health (Sex in Brick City): Co-Chairs- Karen PelcBetty Vickery, and Darci Lane- Williams
This team addresses the sexual health issues of college students including: making healthy choices about whether or not to be sexually active, pregnancy and pregnancy prevention, issues of consent, sexually transmitted diseases, unsafe sexual practices, sexual health exams, the relationship between alcohol and sex, etc. 

Spirituality: Co-Chairs- Phyllis Wade
There are many ways to conceptualize spirituality, e.g. the discipline of reflection and introspection; the search for meaning and purpose in one’s life; a sense of connectedness to the universe, etc.  This team can take a broad view of spirituality and focus on opportunities at RIT for students to address, develop, and enhance this aspect of their lives.

Tigers Care Steering Team: Chair- Megan Jaros
Tigers Care is a campus wide effort to enhance, promote, and sustain a culture of caring and support at RIT.  The focus of Tigers Care in 2016-2017 is promoting the Active Bystander initiative. 

Wellness Alcohol and Drug Education Team: Co-Chairs- Karen Pelc & Ashley Meyer
This team includes education, prevention and referral strategies primarily for alcohol, and drug issues.