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The Center for Women and Gender is committed to promoting a campus community that is safe, equitable, and respectful of all members.  Thus, our Center is a resource for the entire RIT community.

The Center for Women and Gender began as the RIT Women’s Center with a full time Coordinator in 1998-1999.  In 1999, the US Department of Justice awarded the Women’s Center one of its new Campus Grants to Combat Violent Crimes Against Women.  This provided funds to increase our staff and our services to students. We were fortunate to continue that grant for 9 years.

Our first home was in the basement of the Student Alumni Union.  In 2007, the Center moved down the hall to a larger, newly renovated space, thanks to the generous support of the Davenport Hatch Foundation.

In December, 2009, we moved into our current space in the Campus Center.  
Our name changed from the RIT Women’s Center to the Center for Women and Gender in the fall of 2010. The reasons for the name change are:

  • Fostering an educational (and global) environment which is supportive of women means working with men as well. We believe we can’t look at women’s issues without contextualizing them within the broader scope of gender.
  • It is a more inclusive name, reflecting more accurately the work we are already doing providing support to men regarding relationship concerns.
  • The name change acknowledges that not all victims and survivors are female.
  • It reflects our work with and support of the LGBTQIA community.