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Sex Ed Boot Camp

Take Care of Your Privates

In a funny, engaging and interactive discussion, Dr. Joni and Esther talk about how to enjoy sexual exploration in the college environment with responsibility and safety.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding your own anatomy (male and female)
  • Preparing to protect yourself and your partner from disease and unplanned pregnancy with safer sex techniques for every act regardless of gender or orientation.
  • Owning and celebrating your sexuality, as you define it.
  • Learning to understand body issues and the pressures about how to orgasm, premature orgasm and the inability to orgasm are confronted and dispersed with a dose of love and laughter.
  • Taking responsibility for your own pleasure.
  • Learning how and when to share your body with a partner, if you choose to.
  • Questioning your sexuality - what it means and learning to respect other people's choices.
  • Sexual responsibility - understanding boundaries and building mutual respect.
  • Alcohol, sex and you - learning where to draw your own line and knowing the law has a say.
  • ┬áBecome more confident when making relationship choices, whether to date, become more serious, or decide to marry.