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Stalking is a form of harassment in which an individual is subjected to unwanted, obsessive attention from another individual or group of individuals. It is important to remember that this attention is unwanted and unsolicited. Cyberstalking is a form of stalking in which the internet is used as a tool to gain contact with an intended victim.

Although some stalkers are strangers, many stalkers are known to the victim and may have been in a relationship with the victim in the past.

Stalking can be a confusing and complicated issue. The term “stalking” is often used freely to describe behaviors in a joking manner. If you are being stalked, however, it is not a joke.

If you are receiving unwanted attention from someone, and want it to stop, we can discuss options with you. Whether you have had a discussion with the person causing this discomfort, or feel uncomfortable doing so, we can help.

Please reach out to The Center for Women and Gender or our after-hours service called CARES for assistance at 585-295-3533 where a volunteer is on-call to help you. You may also use our CARES on-line reporting system at

Please visit the following websites to learn more about Stalking:
Stalking Behavior Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Sexual Harassment Support
United States Department of Justice