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What is CARES?

CARES is an after hours service supporting the RIT community. It is a resource of the RIT Center for Women and Gender. A group of trained and dedicated volunteers are available 24-hours a day to respond to members of the RIT community that have been impacted by sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence and/or stalking.

A CARES team member is available to provide information, support and advocacy by phone and in person. An on-line reporting system is also available on The Center for Women and Gender's webpage at You can also call or text, the CARES 24-hour hotline number at: 585.295.3533, 7 days a week. You can call CARES during the day, M-F, 9am-5pm, at the Center for Women & Gender by calling 585-475-7464.

Who Does Cares Serve?

The service is available to any member of the RIT community that has been impacted by sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence and/or stalking. CARES is gender-inclusive resource. Women, men and members of the LGBTQIA+ community are encouraged to call the hotline for support.

You do not need to file a Public Safety report to receive assistance from CARES. If you decide to file a report with Public Safety, CARES is there.

Interpreters are available to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing community members are served in a timely manner.

Where Does The Cares Team Travel In Order To Provide Support?

The CARES Team can be contacted by phone to provide support and information at any time, day or night. A team member meets with any member of the RIT community who is considering making a report to Public Safety and travels to the Public Safety Department to accompany them. A team member may also travel to another safe location on campus, if a community member is in a crisis related to an incident of sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence and/or stalking and would like a CARES team member present but isn’t comfortable involving Public Safety.

Frequently Asked Questions


Public Safety called someone from CARES.

Do I have to talk to them?

No. The CARES team member is there to support you.

Public Safety call in a CARES advocate whenever an

incident involving sexual assault, harassment,

relationship violence and/or stalking occurs. If having

them there makes you uncomfortable, feel free to

decline services. However, keep in mind that an

advocate is immeasurable during a crisis and can ensure

that you are fully informed of your rights, which will

allow you to make informed decisions.


I don’t want to make a report to Public

Safety. Can I still use CARES?

Yes. We understand it is often difficult to focus and

make clear decisions while dealing with a crisis.

CARES team members are there to support you and

will not pressure you to do anything you don’t want

to do. We are there to make sure you are aware of

your rights, know what services are available to you

and to support you in an understanding,

non-judgmental manner.


I agreed to meet with a CARES team member.

What happens next?

After a CARES team member meets with you, they

complete a form that is submitted to a counselor at

the Center for Women and Gender. This counselor will

contact you soon after with information about

additional services. You may accept or decline

services and may discontinue any services at any



Are the CARES team members Counselors?

No. The CARES Team is made up of RIT faculty and

staff members who volunteer their time. They have

been trained to provide support, information and

advocacy but are not trained mental health



I’m Deaf. Can CARES help me?

Yes, our services are accessible to individuals who are deaf,

hard of hearing, and hearing. Individuals can call or text

the CARES number, interpreters are available, and there are

staff members that sign in the Center for Women and Gender

who are available for follow-up support.


What if I run into a CARES team member on


The CARES Team understands the importance of

confidentiality. We want anyone who receives

services to feel comfortable doing so. Most of the

CARES Team is made up of volunteer RIT faculty and

staff. If you encounter a team member who is acting

in another role here on campus, or elsewhere, please

know that they will respect your privacy and will not

mention any previous or current association with CARES.


What about privacy? If I work with CARES,

who has access to my information?

The CARES team will ensure your privacy by keeping

all information confidential. Any information you

decide to share will be only accessible to the team

and staff of the Center for Women and Gender.


I am not in danger or crisis right now. I just

need to talk about what happened to me.

Will CARES help me?

Absolutely! The 24-hour hotline is available for

support and we encourage calls. You may also submit

an on-line report form.


I called the CARES hotline during the day and

was told to go to the Center for Women and

Gender. Why?

During regular business hours, a staff member from the

Center for Women and Gender is available to assist

you. You may call us at 585-475-7464, or come

directly to our office. We are located in the Campus

Center in room 1760. We are open Monday through

Friday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm. During the evening,

weekends, breaks and holidays, a CARES team member

will respond to hotline calls.


I am not the only person involved in this

incident. Does CARES help the other person(s)

involved as well?

CARES Team members advocate for the identified

Survivor/complainant in a case. We do not advocate for or serve

the accused identified offender. Advocates who assist

offenders are available from other sources here at

RIT. Although anyone involved in a case has the right

to an advocate, CARES strictly serves survivors.


CARES Team Members

Dana Godfrey Brophy

Md Abdullah al Faruque

Laura DiPonzio Heise

Amanda Henry

Nancy Kikendall

Michael Laver

Nicole Lupinetti

Karen Van Meenen

Frank Thomas Rechichi

Gina Reeder

Donna Sandlin

Susanne Scheg

Harshita Sood

Monica Thompson

Kelsey Wall

Amanda Williams

Darci Lane Williams

Emily Zaleski


Additional Resources in the Community

(Sexual Assault, Harassment, Relationship Violence and Stalking)

RESTORE - Sexual Assault Awareness - 585-546-2777/

Willow Domestic Violence Center - 585-232-5200/

IGNITE - 585-286-2713 V/VP/

Out Alliance - 585-244-8640/

National Domestic Violence Hotline for Women and Men - 1-800-799-7233/1-800-787-3224 TTY/

The Trevor Project  for LGBTQ+ youth - 1-866-488-7386/