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Legacy Leadership

Thank you for expressing interest in the Legacy Leadership program of the Center for Women and Gender. We are so excited to hear about all the wonderful achievements our graduating seniors have made in their time here at RIT.

This information should be enough to get you started on your self-nomination. At the same time, please feel free to email questions to if you need additional information.

Self-nomination requirements:

  1. Applicants must be woman-identified, graduating seniors or graduate students. This means that you have met all of the requirements for graduation and the 2020 graduation will mark the end of your degree program.
  2. Applicants must submit an application located here: (the link will be updated in Spring 2020). At that time, you wil be asked to click on the link and complete the application onsite.
  3.  Applicants must submit 2 letters of support. These letters may be obtained from RIT faculty or staff members who are aware of your achievements. A letter may be obtained by a Rochester community member who has had extensive interaction with the self-nominee and is also an RIT partner. An RIT partner is anyone who has a relationship with the university but is not an employee here. These letters may be submitted directly to the Center for Women & Gender or with your materials.


All applications will be considered provided that requirements are met.

Please keep the following in mind when completing your application:

  • 1. The committee members reviewing the applications may not know you. As a result, it is important that you are thorough in listing your involvement with and contributions to the RIT community.
  • 2.  Students contribute to the community in different ways. Don't assume anything that you have done is insignificant. The "small things" matter. 
  • 3. Although there is no length requirement for your responses, it is important to consider whether what you have shared fully conveys your contributions over a 4 or more year period of time. 
  • 4. Quality is as important as quantity. If you have done fewer things but have done them exceptionally well, be sure to include this information. Not all students can hold many positions or serve in many roles. Due to different educational requirements, individuals are reviewed but not compared to other applicants. A rubric is used to score each applicant.
Question 4 - Exemplary 3 - Average 2 - Approaching 1 - Needs Development
What activities have you been involved in at RIT and/or in the Rochester community? Applicant has held significant leadership positions on campus or in the community and is involved in mulitiple organizations. Applicant is involved in multiple organizations and indicates some level of leadership in at least one of these organization Applicant is involved in campus or community organizations; does not indicate they held any leadership positions. Applicant did not indicate any involvement.
How have you made an impact on the RIT campus community while you have been a student here? Applicant described, in detail, the ways their direct contributions led to a significant impact on the RIT campus community. Evidence was provided that identified the impact of these actions Applicant identified ways in which their direct contributions led to a significant impact on the campus community. Applicant identified impacts on the RIT campus community, but it is not clear how they contributed to these changes. Little to no impact on the RIT campus community was identified.
What is one contribution you have made to the RIT community that you are particularly proud of? Why? Applicant identified a meaningful contributions and drew direct connections to the impact it had on the RIT community. Details were provided into the importance of the contribution and the reasons for why the student was proud were clearly evident. Applicant idenitiied a contribution and indicated the importance of the contribution and why it was important to them. Applicant identified a contribution, but did not provide much detail into why it was important or why they were proud of it. Applicant did not identify a contribution OR identified a contribution but provide no detail as to the importance of the contribution or why they were proud of it.
What have you learned about yourself and leadership through your extracurricular and academic experiences here? Applicant was able to clearly articulate learning that was meaningful to them and developed clear connections to ways that this learning will impact their future. Applicant was able to articulate something that they learned about themselves and show an understanding of the impact that this will have on them in the future. Applicant was able to articulate something that they learned about themselves, but the connection to the impact this will have in the future was not clear. Applicant did not articulate anything they have learend about themselves
Letters of Support Cleary indicates specific examples of their  leadership impact, and commitment; actual observations on the student and their leadership ability; indiciates significant reason(s) why the student deserves to be honored as a Legacy Leader. The writer provided general examples of students attributes and leadership abilities; indicates why the student students  deserves to be honored as a Legacy Leaders. Writer provided some examples of the student's leadership ability; indicates that they recommend the student to be a Legacy Leader but does not give reasons as to why. The writer did not provide any examples of students attributes or qualities; does not recommend student to be a Legacy Leader.

The selected Legacy Leaders will be invited to attend the 2020 Women’s Career Achievement Dinner held in Spring 2020, in the Gordon Field House as guests of the Center for Women and Gender.

Thank you for your participation in the program and for being a wonderful member of our community!

Dr. Kelly Kamish

Assistant Director

Center for Women & Gender