Legal Aid

Student Government has an attorney who is available to provide free legal advice to students.

SG lawyer, Paul Vick is available every Tuesday from 1 PM – 4 PM and every Thursday from 9 AM – 12 PM. If you are not available to meet with Paul during his scheduled office hours, contact him via email at

To make an appointment:

  • Visit or call the SG office at
    • 585-475-4043 
    • Our office is located in the Campus Center across from the Welcome Desk, open 9am – 5pm on Monday–Thursday, and 9am – 2pm on Friday.
  • OR Open the CampusGroups app and scan the QR Code for SG Legal Aid.
    • Choose an appointment date, click Register, then follow the question prompt
  • OR Log in to CampusGroups on a computer or mobile device
    • Go to Student Government Events Page
    • Click on Student Government Legal Aid for one of the appointment dates
    • Click on Register, then follow question prompt
  • OR Scan the QR code below to book an appointment via CampusGroups

Legal Aid QR Code for Campus Groups