COLA Senator

Morgan Keeney

                                              Morgan Keeney


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

My name is Morgan Keeney and I am currently a third year student in the College of Liberal Arts. I am pursuing a BS (hopefully a MS) in Criminal Justice. I also minor in psychology. Some of my hobbies included playing video games ( Animal Crossing and Sims). I am also extremely passionate about cooking. The amount of cookbooks in my apartment is absurd.


One subject I am extremely passionate about is student advocacy. I feel like with our Dean leaving at the end of March, this is a perfect opportunity for a CoLA Reconstruction. I want to fight for students to have a voice in the nationwide dean search in order to find a dean that wants in invest in students. Another subject I feel is prominent in Liberal Arts is a general lack of career opportunity. I understand that many Liberal Arts majors have some kind of internship or field experience they is required to graduate, however, most of us have to fight tooth and nail to get a paid internship. I really hope to get more representation at the University Wide Career Fair or even more career focused speakers to inspire or network with students. My last crucial goal is to connect CoLA students with each other. I feel like there is a huge disconnect between the students in our school. There seems to be little to no crossover between different majors, and one way I can try to combat this is by hosting events in the common spaces of CoLA. I am fully aware that these spaces are smaller than most student lounges on campus, but by encouraging the use of these spaces by CoLA student we can have more causal crossover of different types of majors.