Director of Operations

Pronoun: She/Her/Hers
Year: 5th
Major: Biomedical Sciences, and International and Global Studies
Hometown: Rochester, New York

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Hello! I’m Emilyn, and I’m going into my last year at RIT finishing up my studies in Biomedical Sciences and International and Global Studies. My aspirations are in Global Health and Medicine. With a love for humanity, I hope to one day, play a part in helping combat health disparities, and help communities become healthy, and self-sustainable! I am a huge advocate for “think globally, act locally,” and enjoy doing service, and giving back in the community of Rochester, underserved communities, and globally — specifically to combat hunger and food disparity, to combat healthcare disparities, to expand of mental health programs, and promote sustainability. 

Appreciating the many intricacies in my life has encouraged me see different perspectives and challenge myself academically and creatively, globally and culturally. As a first generation student, I am influenced by my heritage, and a rapidly evolving STEM driven generation. The diversity between tradition and the world has allowed me to interconnect science and art, and technology with culture.

Aside from my endeavors, I am a Residential Advisor, a part of the Global Health Association, a Taekwondo Instructor, a Learning Assistant, an avid volunteer, and a Blogger. I enjoy traveling, painting, reading, running, hiking, cooking (although this is a work in progress!), and spending time with my friends and family!