Director of Programming

Pronoun: He/Him/His
Year: 5th
Major: Environmental Health and Safety Management
Hometown: York, Pennsylvania

Email me

Hi everyone! My name is Griffin Warntz aka G Shmuney and aside from serving as the Director of Programming for SG I am also the President of Yalready Shnow University. I love sports, especially football, you can catch me on Sundays watching the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles. Honestly I don't know why I watch them anymore because the Bills always win by a billion. I am an avid powerlifter who picks things up and puts things down for fun, I've worked as an Honors Mentor within the Honors Program for three years now, this last year as a lead mentor. I have previously served as the CET Senator in SG, and enjoy eating food, especially garbage plates because you are what you eat and my personality is garbage. I grew up horseback riding so I'm at least semi good with animals, and I have been pushing for several years now to have a SG horse. Anyways as you can tell I am a clown so feel free to stop by the office anytime this year for a laugh. Go Bills.