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Business analytics are becoming essential problem-solving tools in the accounting and finance professions.

Learn More about Accounting and Financial Analytics Adv. Cert. 

Combine technology, finance, strategy, and compliance to advance your career in accounting. 

Learn More about Accounting MS 

Create innovative computing solutions, mathematical models, and dynamic systems to solve problems in industries such as engineering, biology, and more.

Learn More about Applied and Computational Mathematics MS 

Engineers, analysts, and other professionals can develop a deeper understanding of the statistical methods related to their fields.

Learn More about Applied Statistics Adv. Cert. 

Apply the skills learned in statistical analysis to a variety of industries, including insurance, marketing, government, health care, and more.

Learn More about Applied Statistics MS 

At a time of significant transition in the profession, RIT's architecture program allows for full incorporation of the skills and knowledge critical to the 21st century architect. The program produces broad-thinking architects well grounded in the principles and practices of sustainability who can apply their knowledge and talents to the architectural problems posed by the modern city.

Learn More about Architecture M.Arch. 

Explore the depths of the universe through multidisciplinary research as you dive into an area that most interests you, whether it be general relativity, theoretical astrophysics, observational or instrumentation development, or another area related to astrophysics.

Learn More about Astrophysical Sciences and Technology MS 

There has never been a more exciting time to study the universe beyond the confines of the Earth. A new generation of advanced ground-based and space-borne telescopes and enormous increases in computing power are enabling a golden age of astrophysics. The doctoral program in astrophysical sciences and technology focuses on the underlying physics of phenomena beyond the Earth and on the development of the technologies, instruments, data analysis, and modeling techniques that will enable the next major strides in the field. The program's multidisciplinary emphasis sets it apart from conventional astrophysics graduate programs at traditional research universities.

Learn More about Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Ph.D. 

The mass amount of data being collected by industries, retailers, and organizations requires knowledgeable professionals who can manage, process, and analyze this information to identify and understand trends and to make meaningful business decisions.

Learn More about Big Data Analytics Adv. Cert. 

Explore the unique combination of biotechnology, programming, and computational mathematics to combat illness and create novel technologies for industry.

Learn More about Bioinformatics MS 

RIT's MBA combines a strong foundation in business fundamentals with technology-infused core courses to help you stand out and enhance your personal brand.

Learn More about Business Administration MBA 

Gain universal business and technology skills that go beyond accounting and financial management.


Learn More about Business Administration–Accounting MBA 

For those with established careers in business and management, accelerate your path toward leadership.

Learn More about Business Administration–Executive MBA 

An online executive MBA program designed for experienced leaders in business and management who are seeking an accelerated path toward career advancement.

Learn More about Business Administration–Online Executive MBA 

With the incredible amount of data being collected by today's businesses, professionals are needed to analyze and interpret this information to inform and guide sound business decisions.   

Learn More about Business Analytics MS 

Enhance your artistic expression through the study of aesthetic and theory.

Learn More about Ceramics MFA 

A masters degree in chemistry prepares you for a job in a countless number of industries and for Ph.D. programs in chemistry. Maximize your career potential by gaining skills that are transferable to any field of interest.

Learn More about Chemistry MS 

Understand how humans perceive and interact with color in this unique program that has limitless applications.

Learn More about Color Science MS 

Color has been an intense topic of interest for thousands of years. Mathematicians, philosophers, physicists, physiologists, poets, and other disciplines have all contributed to our understanding of color. RIT’s color science Ph.D. program allows you to contribute to knowledge creation and practical application of color science. You will conduct extensive research that encompasses diverse fields and multiple disciplines of science. The program is designed for students whose undergraduate degrees are in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering, neuroscience, experimental psychology, imaging, or any applied discipline pertaining to the quantitative description of color.

Learn More about Color Science Ph.D. 

Develop critical thinking skills and creativity as you gain a deeper understanding of digital communication, persuasive messaging, and relationship management. 

Learn More about Communication and Digital Media Adv. Cert. 

A focus on the humanities and social sciences combined with marketing, information technology, digital publishing, or a discipline of your choosing, provides a solid framework to help you understand the evolving communication landscape.

Learn More about Communication and Media Technologies MS 

Quantitative analysts are in high demand. Become an asset to any company as you learn computational strategies to generate profits and reduce company risks.

Learn More about Computational Finance MS 

The computer engineering master's degree emphasizes the adoption of design methodology and the application of sophisticated engineering tools to the design and development of computer-integrated systems.

Learn More about Computer Engineering MS 

Computer graphics and visualization, data management, and intelligent systems are just a few topics you’ll explore while developing the skills to keep up in this ever-changing field.

Learn More about Computer Science MS 

A research degree designed to produce independent scholars, cutting-edge researchers, and well-prepared educators, you'll benefit from world-class faculty, diverse academic offerings, and modern facilities as you identify and research challenges within and beyond computing. 

Learn More about Computing and Information Sciences Ph.D. 

Develop a solid foundation in cyber security as you understand how integrated systems are designed and developed, and the leadership skills that are paramount for guiding an industry that’s still exploring its role and impact in society.

Learn More about Computing Security MS 

Advanced in to leadership positions with this engaging master's degrees in construction management. 

Learn More about Construction Management MS 

Contribute to the creation and dissemination of criminal justice and policy analysis knowledge through applied research as you develop your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Learn More about Criminal Justice MS 

Develop a strong foundation in cyber security in order to create secure network environments.

Learn More about Cybersecurity Adv. Cert. 

Demand is high for professionals skilled in both analytics and computing. Enhance your skill set by learning to manage large-scale data sets in this highly applied program.  

Learn More about Data Science MS 

Merge technology, engineering, and science and apply it to practical, industrial, and business applications to become a leader in your field.

Learn More about Electrical Engineering MS 

Combine your engineering knowledge with business insights to successfully manage an engineering or technology focused company.

Learn More about Engineering Management ME 

The doctorate program in engineering prepares the next generation of engineering leaders to tackle some of the most daunting and complex problems facing our society.  

Learn More about Engineering Ph.D. 

Explore the interactions between humans and machines and the science behind our behavior as you prepare for a career in ergonomics, cognition, perception, design, and more.

Learn More about Engineering Psychology Adv. Cert. 

Earning your masters in entrepreneurship and innovative ventures means learning to lead the way in introducing unique solutions to global problems.

Learn More about Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ventures MS 

The multidisciplinary approach taken in this program produces skilled professionals who are able to tackle the biggest problems plaguing our environment using a holistic approach.

Learn More about Environmental Science MS 

Acquire a foundation in the managerial aspects of developing and implementing environmental health and safety management systems to help companies meet their sustainability and safety standards.

Learn More about Environmental, Health and Safety Management MS 

Contribute meaningful work to multiple fields of psychology while you explore and apply scientific methods to human development, social interactions, and behavioral relationships in a degree targeted towards your career aspirations.

Learn More about Experimental Psychology MS 

Physical assets can represent a significant financial investment for an organization. Careful attention must be paid to the sustainable life cycle of these facilities. Competent facility managers keep these valuable assets performing in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Learn More about Facility Management MS 

Bring your stories to life as you explore the depths of the film industry.

Learn More about Film and Animation MFA 

Unlock the world of finance, and set yourself on a path toward managerial success.

Learn More about Finance MS 

Develop a mastery of skills to experiment, create, and critique within a supportive, diverse environment devoted to individual growth.

Learn More about Fine Arts Studio MFA 

Advance your personal aesthetic through the study of contemporary practices and critical reflection.

Learn More about Furniture Design MFA 

Explore the simulation, edutainment, or visualization landscape as you enhance your game design and development skills to create truly innovative games.

Learn More about Game Design and Development MS 

Dive deeper into your examination of glass as you develop your artistic expression through research, experimentation, and in-depth critiques.

Learn More about Glass MFA 

Gain the finance and management skills needed to advance your career in the health care industry.

Learn More about Health Care Finance Adv. Cert. 

The MS degree in health care interpretation is designed to meet the demand for nationally-certified sign language interpreters who wish to work in health care environments.

Learn More about Health Care Interpretation MS 

Demand is high for professionals who are well versed in applying computing and information technology solutions to the management of health care information and patient data.

Learn More about Health Informatics MS 

Earn an online health administration master’s degree employers value that combines the leadership and organizational management competencies of an MBA with the specialized skills required to manage within an intricate health care industry.

Learn More about Health Systems Management MS 

Learn to analyze, evaluate, and apply hospitality and tourism data from diverse sources in this dynamic hospitality program.

Learn More about Hospitality and Tourism Management MS 

Get the skills needed to help an organization with their workforce needs.

Learn More about Human Resource Development MS 

By studying how people interact with websites, computer systems, emerging technologies, and software, you will be able to create intuitive technological interfaces that will improve how we interact with and use emerging technologies.

Learn More about Human-Computer Interaction MS 

Further your understanding of the development and implementation of imaging systems. This knowledge can be applied to a variety of areas, including remote sensing, environmental science, and more.

Learn More about Imaging Science MS 

Reach the penultimate status of higher education in imaging science acquiring the capabilities, skills, and experience to succeed in this diverse field.

Learn More about Imaging Science Ph.D. 

Optimize integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment, and energy by improving your skills in statistics, engineering, operations, manufacturing, and more.

Learn More about Industrial and Systems Engineering ME 

An in depth look at the contemporary manufacturing process, product development, logistics, and a customized curriculum that includes research opportunities prepares you to lead integrated systems.

Learn More about Industrial and Systems Engineering MS 

Explore design theory, design history, and human-centered design as you create a range of consumer products

Learn More about Industrial Design MFA 

Dive deeper into the study of how information is understood and applied as you work to solve the unexplored problems that are challenging the computing industry.

Learn More about Information Sciences and Technologies MS 

Further your understanding of the design process as you prepare to work with creative development teams.

Learn More about Integrative Design MS 

Utilize the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) process of Lean Six Sigma to improve processes and enhance your qualifications to broaden your career development.

Learn More about Lean Six Sigma Adv. Cert. 

Gain the problem-solving skills needed for success in a variety of management positions.

Learn More about Management MS 

The MS in manufacturing and mechanical systems integration is designed for individuals who wish to achieve competence in mechanical or manufacturing engineering. The program combines engineering, business, and management functions to effectively guide and lead in a range of manufacturing enterprises.

Learn More about Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration MS 

Providing experienced engineers and business professionals with the leadership need to optimize business operations in a range of organizations and industries.

Learn More about Manufacturing Leadership MS 

Develop a foundation of materials-oriented knowledge, conceptualization, product development, and production decisions needed to strive in engineering.

Learn More about Materials Science and Engineering Adv. Cert. 

Provide solutions to a number of different fields including energy, medicine, clothing, and equipment production through the study of materials science.

Learn More about Materials Science and Engineering MS 

Mathematical modeling is the process of developing mathematical descriptions, or models, of real-world systems. These models can be linear or nonlinear, discrete or continuous, deterministic or stochastic, and static or dynamic, and they enable investigating, analyzing, and predicting the behavior of systems in a wide variety of fields. Through extensive study and research, graduates of this program will have the expertise not only to use the tools of mathematical modeling in various application settings, but also to contribute in creative and innovative ways to the solution of complex interdisciplinary problems and to communicate effectively with domain experts in various fields.

Learn More about Mathematical Modeling Ph.D. 

Apply mechanical engineering principles and theories to enhance your skills through formal education and training, and independent inquiry.

Learn More about Mechanical Engineering ME 

A focused, in-depth examination of mechanical engineering disciplines (e.g., dynamics, robotics, nanotechnology, biomechanics, and energy systems)  that prepare you to enter a career in industry or research.

Learn More about Mechanical Engineering MS 

Deepen your understanding of the importance of graphic communication and immerse yourself in the technologies that are changing the industry.

Learn More about Media Arts and Technology MS 

Collaborating with scientists and physicians, medical illustrators transform complex information into visual images that are used in education, research, patient care, public relations, legal cases, and marketing efforts.

Learn More about Medical Illustration MFA 

Challenge traditional ways of thinking as you create works that leave a lasting impression.

Learn More about Metals and Jewelry Design MFA 

Microelectronic engineering affects nearly all aspects of our daily lives. RIT’s microelectronic engineering program is considered a world leader in the education of semiconductor process engineers.

Learn More about Microelectronic Engineering MS 

Develop a knowledge of chemistry, physics, and engineering to better understand integrated circuit technology in microelectronics manufacturing.

Learn More about Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering ME 

Explore the future of nanotechnology as you work to address the technical challenges of micro-and nano-systems through analysis, research, and integration.

Learn More about Microsystems Engineering Ph.D. 

Trends in network communications—unifying wired and wireless infrastructures, Cloud computing, scalability, collaboration tools, and security—can only be coalesced into reliable communication services if there are highly educated and technically proficient networking and systems administration professionals who understand both traditional and emerging communication technologies as well as how to apply these technologies to organizational needs and opportunities.

Learn More about Networking and Systems Administration MS 

Develop a strong foundation in the design and implementation of network systems for a ranging of industries.

Learn More about Networking, Planning and Design Adv. Cert. 

Gain comprehensive knowledge of printmaking and aesthetic applications through design, principles, production, and print creation.

Learn More about Non-toxic Printmaking Adv. Cert. 

Understand how technology influences the way that people learn as you explore and apply the theories of instructional design to corporate teaching and training.

Learn More about Organizational Learning Adv. Cert. 

Create visually stunning, environmentally friendly packaging that’s functional and durable enough to sustain environmental and physical hazards.

Learn More about Packaging Science MS 

Acquire the conceptual, academic, and technical skills needed to succeed as an artist in the field of photography and related media.

Learn More about Photography and Related Media MFA 

Solidify your understanding on the core aspects of physics in both research and technical skill as you study the areas of physics that support your career interests.

Learn More about Physics MS 

Explore how technology and innovation are changing the graphic communications industry.

Learn More about Print Media MS 

Engineering and business principles combine to give you the knowledge you need to lead product development teams, and ultimately step into leadership positions in your career.

Learn More about Product Development MS 

A master’s degree that provides you with flexibility and independence to craft an individual graduate program unique to your interests and career aspirations.

Learn More about Professional Studies MS 

Gain the skills and knowledge to successfully plan, organize, and execute a range of projects for your organization.

Learn More about Project Management Adv. Cert. 

The advanced certificate in school psychology is ideal for school practitioners who would like further professional development, or for individuals who would like to explore the dynamic field of school psychology.

Learn More about School Psychology Adv. Cert. 

Help children and adolescents achieve academic and community success as you work to minimize learning and behavioral difficulties while enhancing educational success.

Learn More about School Psychology MS 

Public policy theories are paired with engineering, science, and technology to prepare graduates to make significant contributions to the formation of effective policy in areas that include the environment, transportation, science, and emerging technological and scientific developments.

Learn More about Science, Technology and Public Policy MS 

The master of science (MS) degree in secondary education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing is designed for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students with a passion for teaching. As an teacher-candidate in the program, you’ll earn dual certification to teach a secondary school content area for students who are hearing or deaf as well as in deaf education for grades K-12. The curriculum is taught by renowned faculty at RIT, one of the most innovative campuses in the world. The program prepares teachers to be effective and ethical practitioners and also to be scholars and leaders in the profession.

Learn More about Secondary Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing MS 

Focus on crafting systems and strategies to achieve growth in your organization.

Learn More about Service Leadership and Innovation Adv. Cert. 

Having a 360-degree view of customers, the ability to formulate and execute strategic initiatives, and being a visionary leadership that all companies need to be successful – these are the goals the master's degree in service leadership and innovation.

Learn More about Service Leadership and Innovation MS 

Gain hands-on experience through team-based and individual projects to further your understanding of the development and implementation of modern software systems.

Learn More about Software Engineering MS 

A practically based program that fosters innovation and creativity in solving real-world challenges within social, economic, technological, and business realms. In this inherently interdisciplinary program, you’ll become part of a network of academics from across RIT who are working to optimize sustainable systems and practices in engineering, manufacturing, energy, education, and more.

Learn More about Sustainability Ph.D. 

Minimize the effects a product has on the environment at every stage of its lifecycle – from conception, development, and prototyping to commercialization, recycling, and disposal.  

Learn More about Sustainable Engineering ME 

Narrow your focus to a specific area of study as you find new ways to reduce a product’s environmental effects at every stage of its lifecycle, from conception, development, and prototyping to commercialization, recycling, and disposal.

Learn More about Sustainable Engineering MS 

Designed to help students from any academic background gain a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of sustainability. In as little as one year, you’ll learn to apply sustainability science principles to any field to help solve the world’s grand challenges—including pollution, food scarcity, public health crises, and more.

Learn More about Sustainable Systems MS 

Develop an understanding of today's changing business dynamics and how their interplay creates value for a new venture.

Learn More about Technology Entrepreneurship Adv. Cert. 

Be one of the innovative leaders helping to shape the ever-evolving future of telecommunications.

Learn More about Telecommunications Engineering Technology MS 

The advanced certificate in user experience design and development provides working professionals with an opportunity to learn and develop user-centered visual design skills for current and/or emerging industry and career demands. Students learn the fundamentals of design creation, applied skills, and aesthetics for interface, user experience design, and basic interaction development. Students incorporate industry best practices and principles through the design and production of applied visual design projects.

Learn More about User Experience Design and Development Adv. Cert. 

Control vibration in engineering systems and apply your knowledge to everything from consumer product development, manufacturing, aerospace systems, and more.

Learn More about Vibrations Adv. Cert. 

Sharpen your own artistic abilities as you prepare to teach the next generation of artists and creators.

Learn More about Visual Arts–All Grades (Art Education) MST 

By fully understanding the importance of the user experience and the various aspects of digital design, your work can fuel technological innovation.

Learn More about Visual Communication Design MFA 

Develop an expertise in interactive multimedia design as you enhance the communication and digital media experience.

Learn More about Web Development Adv. Cert. 

Successful businesses thrive on employees who are both motivated and skilled. Improve business performance by learning to leverage the human capital of an organization.

Learn More about Workplace Learning and Instruction Adv. Cert.