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Sustainability At RIT



RIT Committee for Sustainable Practices

Committee for Sustainable Practices (CSP) contributes to the development and propagation of policies, practices and ideas in an effort to protect the natural environment and foster the sustainable use of our material, energy and natural resources.


  • To advise the University's administration on University sustainability matters.
  • To bring together members who share interest, knowledge, expertise or strategic positions that impact our sustainable policies, practices, and physical development.
  • To be a conduit for information and represent faculty, staff, and students from across the University who are involved in activities related to sustainability.
  • To emphasize communication to the University and the Community at large on universal practices which have been identified, evaluated, and endorsed by the Committee and the President's Office.


  • Enid Cardinal, Senior Sustainability Advisor to the President (Chair)
  • Kurt Ingerick, Associate Director, Housing Operations
  • Rebecca Johnson, Associate of the University
  • Karl Korfmacher, Associate Professor, Environmental Science, COS
  • Nabil Nasr, Assistant Provost and Director of CIMS
  • John Moore, AVP of Facilities Management Services
  • Robert Stevens, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, KGCOE
  • Brian Thorn, Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, KGCOE
  • Maureen Valentine, Miller Professor and Vice Dean, CAST
  • Judy von Bucher, RIT Trustee
  • Christopher Knigga, Director of Facilities Services and Sustainability, NTID

Long Range Planning and Environment Committee (Standing committee of Academic Senate)

The Long Range Planning Committee shall prepare and review strategic planning initiatives of the university and review progress in achieving those goals. The Long Range Planning Committee shall consist of eight collegial representatives, each to be elected by his or her college, one member of the educational development faculty elected by that group, and three members at large elected by the Academic Senate. More

SG Sustainability Committee

One of Student Government’s largest committees, the Sustainability committee helps look at ways to increase sustainable actions on RIT’s campus. Get involved