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Sustainability At RIT

Dr. Destler’s Green Vehicle Challenge

Dr. Destler’s E-Dragster Race
Poster from Imagine RIT

In 2009 and again in 2010, President Destler challenged the RIT community to design a green vehicle  that would carry at least one person on the 3-mile route around campus while consuming less total energy per 150 lb. person and use less energy than the electric bike that Dr. Destler built for himself. Any form of energy could be used except human power.  The challenge was the kick-off event for Imagine RIT.

To learn more about the original challenge check out the videos below:

In 2012, RIT kicked it up a notch. 13 teams participated in RIT President Bill Destler’s E-Dragster Race. Entrants were asked to design and construct a self-contained electric vehicle for the purpose of a straight-line performance test (drag race) a distance of 100 meters. The WE@RIT team took first place! How did the other teams do? Check out the official results.