Supervisors and Managers

We provide information sessions and skill development to support the unique learning needs of those managing others.

New Supervisors & Managers

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Congratulations on becoming a new manager!

A key characteristic of effective leaders is the willingness to learn and grow in their own professional development. With this in mind, we recommend the learning opportunities curated specifically for our first-time managers. When completed, these provide a comprehensive foundation designed to support you as you lead and manage others particularly in your first 6-12 months. New managers with direct reports in all divisions and colleges, are encourage to participate.

Manager Foundations

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Manager Foundations provides learning, information, and resources to educate managers about RIT human resources, legal, employment, business, risk management, diversity and financial processes, policies, procedures and practices. Supervisors and managers with direct reports are encourage to keep current by participating in learning opportunities and exploring the resources available.

Resources and Tools