Instructional Observation and Feedback

The instructional design consultants in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offer an observation service that provides formative, confidential, and timely feedback to instructors on their teaching and course-design practices across all course modalities.

Instructors decide whether they will share confidential feedback with others, such as a department chair or colleague. Our teaching observation service is intended to be a limited supplement to, not a replacement for, department-sponsored observations conducted by chairs, mentors, and/or peers.

The Small-Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) service is designed to provide instructors with anonymous, confidential feedback from students, which is analyzed by an instructional design consultant, then paired with a set of recommendations for small changes that may improve the integration of new instructional methods, aspects of classroom climate, or other matters identified in consultation. This service is most effective when employed in weeks 5-7 of the semester.

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