Small-Group Instructional Feedback Service

Formative Small-Group Instructional Feedback

With this Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) service, a consultant provides the instructor with anonymous and confidential student feedback regarding new instructional methods, in-person classroom climate, or other matters identified in the pre- and post-feedback collection consultations. In a typical small-group instructional feedback session, the consultant will meet with students during in-person class time while the instructor is not in the room. The consultant will ask students to describe what is happening in class that supports or doesn’t support their learning. Students will also be asked to describe what change or addition to the class might benefit their learning. The consultant will record this information and write an anonymized report that also provides suggestions for addressing student feedback.

Like the Teaching Observation Service, the Small-Group Instructional Feedback Service is strictly confidential and formative between a consultant and an instructor. The consultant will not share their reports with any other individuals, including RIT administration, other instructors, staff, or students. CTL is not affiliated with any of the RIT academic programs' tenure review processes. It is at the instructor's discretion whether they share the student feedback with others, such as their department chair.

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