Summer Institute 2023

CTL Summer Institute

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is excited to host the second Summer Institute for Teaching and Learning. The Summer Institute is a celebration of teaching and learning at RIT, and a time for faculty to come together to discuss and inspire each other on a variety of teaching and learning topics.

The institute will feature a variety of workshops, presentations, and discussions led by RIT faculty and nationally-recognized experts. Topics will include active learning, assessment, technology in the classroom, and inclusive teaching.

Save the date for 2024 -  May 13-15, 2024

2023 CTL Active Learning Summer Institute

Join Nationally-Recognized Workshop leaders, Dr. Andy Gerhart and Dr. Danica Savonick, along with many of your RIT friends and colleagues, as we build our pedagogical strategies, focusing on small- and large-scale active learning and advanced active learning techniques.

The Breakout Sessions will be track-based and participants may choose to attend any of the tracks on site. The tracks are: Small-Scale Active Learning, Large-Scale Active Learning, and Advanced Active Learning Techniques.

Track topics include: “Aiming High: Using Higher-Order Thinking,” “Teach Smarter, Not Harder: How ChatGPT Can Help,” “Using Imagery to Spark Active Learning,” and many others!

CTL Staff will host technology Q&A sessions and opportunities to sit down with CTL team members to discuss your own course design.

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