Technology, Art, Design Course Design Grants

The Technology, the Arts, Design (TAD) Course Design Grants program is designed to incentivize the development of broadly available courses that explore the meaningful partnership of diverse ways of thinking, exploring, and making to address complex contemporary problems, advance knowledge, and pursue joy and wonder.

Overarching Thematic Areas (OTAs)

The wealth of TAD experience and expertise among the faculty can help build on the university’s current strengths in three Overarching Thematic Areas (OTAs). These three areas include:

  • Solving Humanity’s Complex Problems: uniting diverse perspectives and expertise to identify challenging problems, understand the underlying complexity and develop creative, collaborative solutions. Subthemes:
    • Health & Well-being
    • Sustainability & Environment
    • Equity & Access
  • Storytelling through Enhanced Realities: leveraging technology to help spin imaginative tales, put on wondrous shows, and create compelling experiences.
  • Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Communication and Imaging: uniting expertise with technology to explore the boundaries of visual media and media technologies.

Conditions and Eligibility

In order to expand the number of TAD offerings, The Provost’s Office, in association with the Center for Teaching and Learning, seeks proposals for the design (or redesign) and delivery of a course (or set of courses) that focus on one of the three above OTAs.

Proposed course(s) should:

  • not carry any prerequisites
  • be open to all RIT students
  • be designed for general education credit if possible

All full-time RIT faculty in good standing are eligible to apply for this grant. Recipients of this funding must work with their department chair(s) to ensure that the proposed course (or series of courses) can be offered at least once in each succeeding academic year.

It is expected that the course(s) will eventually be submitted to the appropriate department curriculum committee using the RIT course outline form(s). Courses designed for general education credit will need to be submitted to the General Education Committee for approval.

Selection Criteria

Applications for this award will be evaluated against their ability to meet the above conditions and OTAs.

Submission Process

Applications will be accepted from full-time RIT faculty only. Please complete the RIT course outline form and submit it along with the application form no later than Monday, April 17, 2023.


April 17, 2023: Proposals due by 11:59 pm EST to CTL submitted via the application form

April 24, 2023: Applicants notified of application status

May 1, 2023: Announcement made to RIT Community

May 15, 2023 - December 15, 2023: Develop course(s)

January 2024: Course ready to be reviewed by Department Curriculum Committee and if applicable, the General Education Committee

AY 2024-2025: Course offered for the first time