Amanda Dole Mantua, NJ

About Amanda

Senior, American Sign Language and Interpreting Education

Family of six: Mom - Jody, Dad - Rick, brother - Tim, sister - Tara, and brother - Richie
Education: Clearview Regional High School - Graduated 2009, Gloucester County College - Attended 2009-2011, transferred to RIT fall of 2011

The reason why I chose to be a part of this Tiger Trail run was mainly to challenge myself and to look back years from now and be able to share this story with everyone about how my amazing teammates and I left our mark at RIT.

I grew up playing soccer, basketball, softball, you name it- I have tried it, and I was always the fastest one on my team, so when it came time for high school I decided to go out for track. My love for soccer was so great I wanted to continue playing, I made the freshmen team my freshmen year and played during the fall of 2009. I began running my freshmen year of highschool (indoor and outdoor), I started out as a sprinter running the 200m, 4X100, and 4X400. I made the JV soccer team my sophomore year and continued running indoor and outdoor track, at the end of my sophomore year my coach decided to transition me into a distance runner by throwing me in their workouts and some 800 meter races. I cannot thank Mr. Hengel enough for doing this because I would not be where I am today with all the accomplishments I have if it were not for him. My junior year since I was now a distance runner I thought I would go out for cross country that fall, I ended up getting hurt with achilles tendinitis in both my achilles and was out for the entire season. I went to every practice, and every meet, recovered and was back at it for the indoor and outdoor seasons. My senior year I ran the whole season of cross country and both indoor and outdoor track. I graduated high school and went to Gloucester County Community College back home in NJ for two years, running two years of cross country and two years of outdoor track with Coach Hughes. I lived at home during those two years, went to class, practice, meets, and worked so many hours at a pizza place every week. It was a nice transition into “college life” and definitely made me better prepared to move the six hours away from home when I came here to Rochester. RIT has been great ever since I arrived here back in 2011 in so many ways. I have my parents to thank for supporting me in everything I do and all my coaches who have taught me so much throughout my nine years of running.

I really look forward to shocking people and proving that a group of awesome, determined, committed young ladies can and will complete this run together!