Ashley Shaheen Baldwinsville, NY

About Ashley

Alumni (2014) - BFA in Interior Design

Family of four: Mom - Mary Dressel, brother - Joey Shaheen, brother - Tommy Dressel

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed running. The best part about running growing up was beating all of the neighborhood boys playing games such as capture the flag and ghost in the graveyard! I had a few friends who were much older than me who were in Modified Cross Country and they convinced me to join in 7th grade. After my Modified Cross Country season, the varsity coach, Coach Gullet asked me if I wanted to do Varsity Indoor and Outdoor track. I was beyond excited for this opportunity especially as a 7th grader to practice with the high school girls! Coach Gullet wanted me to then continue in the Varsity level during Cross Country but I decided to stay in Modified Cross Country until 9th grade mainly because most of my friends were on the Modified team and to be honest, I was nervous about the much higher mileage I’d have to run! In high school track, I focused mainly on the 800, 4x800 and the 1500. Even though, I ran mid distance during track season, I have always loved Cross Country. Running on a track is nothing compared to running in the woods or a grass terrain with a different environment every week during Cross Country season. Over the past nine years, I have become very passionate about running and through this process have made lifelong friends who share the same passion about running as I do.

Every year, the RIT girls get together and watch the Coast to Coast video and at the end of the movie, almost every girl is thrilled with excitement about the possibility of doing something similar to what these men did back in 2004. It was not until this past Fall (2013), we became serious about Tiger Trail. Initially, that was the main reason why I wanted to do Tiger Trail but over this past year, this run has become something more than that. We want to show that we are more than just Division III Women runners. We are independent young women who want to promote not only our team but all women sports at RIT. Even though, I will have already graduated when Tiger Trail will launch, this is an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime and I am excited to share it with my these lovely ladies!