Danielle Marino Saratoga Springs, NY

About Danielle

Senior, Industrial Design

When I was young, we would drive by the high school runners, and my mom would ask, "Do you think you'll ever want to do that?" "No way!" I responded. With their high blond ponytails, they were on the same level as cheerleaders in my book - not for me....until my 7th grade social studies teacher, one of the track coaches, approached me about joining the team. I said sure, I'll try it.

I never stopped. I love a lot about running - the confidence it brings, the feeling of satisfaction after a long run, the running community, and obviously the food. I've had some ups and downs, just like every runner, but I never lose my love for running. It's truly a lifestyle and it helps enhance my life in many aspects

The Tiger Trail run is important to me because the determination that the team has shown to do this run will hopefully inspire others to chase their passions and involve their communities to accomplish great things.