Kaylin Beiter Lima, NY

About Kaylin

Senior, Biomedical Sciences

My legs are itching and twitching; I'm ready to get moving! I started running 7th grade because my gym teacher told my I should try it (I had enjoyed other sports but didn't seem to have quite the same natural coordination as my peers). The apprehension that I had before my first day of cross country practice was long gone by the time my mom picked me up - I'd met a friendly group of runners that I had really enjoyed spending time with. As I transitioned into collegiate running, my passion grew from enjoying running as a social time and a competitive outlet to being something that I love on a personal, private, level as well.

For me, doing this started out as a simple "why not", turned into something I wanted to do because others doubted our ability to pull it off, and is now something tha tI want to do because I know it will be an amazing experience that I can share with my best friends. It'll be like one long sleepover with miles upon miles of my favorite thing - running! Being able to raise awareness for a great cause simply adds to my excitement; being able to partner with T4T has been exciting as well and I hope that everyone else wants to support wildlife conservation as much as we do.

In sum, my hope is that our run will rally the country around a great cause and will inspire the generations of women that come after us to strive for the impossible.