Megan Karpie Grand Island, NY

About Megan

Junior, Physician Assistant

I started running because my brother ran in middle school for a year, and I thought why not try it out. In 8th grade, after getting cut from the high school soccer team, I realized cross country was a better fit for me. At that point I stayed with running because I truly loved being able to push myself to the limit, and the team camaraderie involved.

I am most excited for travelling along the east coast, and sharing this life-changing experience with my teammates. We will have memories for years to come and despite how hard it will be, I will be able to look back and be proud of our accomplishments.

I am doing Tiger Trail because it shows how strong women can truly be. I want to be able to look back knowing we set our minds to this crazy goal, and we were able to accomplish it despite all the doubts. Often times, people don't look at cross country as a team sport, but this involves the ultimate teamwork. We will be pushed to our limits, and it will show how tough we can be!